Steven "Steady" Carvente is a photographer and creative based out of Los Angeles, CA. He was born and raised near downtown L.A. and has seen the communities around him change drastically over the years. His upbringing has informed his community-centered approach to documenting running culture in Los Angeles. He has been fascinated with telling the stories of folks who are underrepresented in the running community and space. Steadily helping to shape the L.A. narrative of what running is in this city. He hopes to bridge the gap between brands that want to find their place in this running community he inhabits and the people who are a part of it. He believes that photography and videography are essential tools to accomplish this goal. At his core, he firmly believes that representation and diversity matter. 

Steady Archives was born out of a want to chronicle and archive stories and narratives of the people and communities who make up the running space in Los Angeles. It is because of this that Steven believes that the best way to engage with folks is to capture them in all types of spaces and places. 

Steven offers photography services and videography services that provide more than just content. They are narratives of real people and their struggles, joys, pains, and overall emotions that connect with people worldwide. Steven is accepting assignments and is ready to help you tell your story. 

Selected clients

With over 4 years of experience, Steven has been able to work with some notable brands. His services are regularly required by some of the following.