Running Journal & Archive

Los Angeles

Steady started almost 3 years ago. After joining various run crews and becoming a part of the running community in Los Angeles, I started to take pictures. I saw other people doing it and I was always fascinated with the idea of movement. Photography seemed like the perfect medium to capture what running is all about. 

I began taking a lot of pictures - mostly for people to share on their social media. I took so many pictures I was having trouble finding a place to store them and also sharing them with people. That's where the idea of an online archive came from. I wanted to give back to the running community and all my friends by having an online space for them to access their photos from group runs. 

I became engrossed in documenting running and the interactions and movements that took place each night. There's something extremely alluring about the community of runners in Los Angeles. There's nothing quite like running and how it connects people all around the world. My goal is to document running worldwide!